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Congratulations to Chris Stapleton, winner of the 2021-22 Fantasy Hockey Journal playoff pool. Chris becomes the first person to win both a Fantasy Hockey Journal regular season pool and playoff pool. (He won the 2020-21 regular season pool.)

Fantasy Hockey Pool Tools

Tools for your hockey pools include: *NHL Team Websites *Injury List *Scoreboard *Starting Goalies *NHL Line Combinations *Find a Player

Top Line World Hockey

To be eligible for this mock world tournament, a country must have had at least three forwards, two defensemen and one goalie who played in the NHL in 2020-21. Oddly, Leon Draisaitl of Edmonton is not included in the contest as Germany did not meet the minimum player requirements for each position.

Finding Value Picks

Value picks are lesser-priced players in daily fantasy hockey who offer good potential point production. Selecting value picks offers the daily fantasy
hockey player a savings in salary, allowing for the selection of star or superstar players. Here is how to find them.

Calder Winners and the Sophomore Jinx

How NHL rookie-of-the-year winners perform in their second season. Three of the last five rookie-of-the-year winners increased their PPG(points-per-game) in their second seasons.

It Takes All Kinds to Make a Fantasy Hockey League

After acting as commissioner in many Fantasy Hockey Journal leagues at Yahoo it is clear to me that it "takes all kinds to make a fantasy hockey league". What kinds of players are in your leagues?

How to Pick a Goalie

Tips for selecting your goalie in daily fantasy hockey. The goalie is the most expensive and often the highest scoring position in daily fantasy hockey.

Hockey Song Playlist

Want to hear a hockey song? There's lots to choose from here. Artists include Tom Cochrane and Red Rider, The Tragically Hip, Stompin' Tom Connors, Warren Zevon and more.

Hockey Movies

Of course, Slap Shot is on the list. Plus there's a large selection of other hockey movies (with capsule summaries) for your viewing consideration.

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