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How to Pick a Goalie

*Tips for selecting your goalie in daily fantasy hockey*


The goalie is the most expensive and often the highest scoring position in daily fantasy hockey.

However, a poor outing from your goalie could doom your lineup and could could even result in negative points for your roster.

At FanDuel the goalie's point production is determined by:

WIN = 12 pts.
GOALS AGAINST = minus 4 pts.
SAVES = 0.8 pts.
SHUTOUT = 8 pts.

Picking a winning goalie is most important in selecting a player for that position. Look for a goalie that is going to get the win and face a lot of shots and stop most (if not all) of them. Checking the Vegas lines can help you with that.

- You can also consider goalies facing low-scoring teams ahead of those facing high-scoring squads.

- You may want to go with a hot goalie that is facing a weak team.

- Look for a goalie on a team high in the standings that is playing against a team that is low in the standings.

- Consider a goalie facing a low-scoring club that takes a lot of shots.

- Home ice is an advantage for the goalie.

- You may want to select a goalie that is facing a team playing their second game in as many nights.

You should build your lineup from the goalie out. Picking your goalie first will show you how much salary you have left for your forwards and defensemen. If you were to pick your goalie last you might be limiting your pick based on the salary you have left.

Most important- Make sure your goalie is starting. Check one of the various starting goalie sites on the web to verify that your pick is starting.

- Randy Steinman