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It Takes All Kinds To Make a Fantasy Hockey League


Randy Steinman

The expression "it takes all kinds to make a world" definitely applies to fantasy hockey. After acting as commissioner in many Fantasy Hockey Journal leagues at Yahoo it is clear to me that it "takes all kinds to make a fantasy hockey league".

These are a few types of fantasy league managers. Perhaps you have seen these types of managers in your fantasy hockey leagues. I know I have:

*** THE WOULD-BE COMMISH - questions the actual commissioner on almost everything including draft format, roster format, etc. Disagrees with decisions made by the commissioner. Probably has never been a league commissioner.

*** THE EAGER BEAVER, FIRST TO LEAVE-ER- The first one to ask the Commish what date the draft will be held. Gone once the league actually starts.

*** THE "STEADY EDDIE"- Sets his roster every day. Makes waiver wire pick ups. Proposes trades. Posts on and offers help on the message board. Solid, fair player. Always finishes near the top. Commissioners wish every player had "Steady Eddie's" serious, but fair attitude.

*** THE RECRUITER - Usually an average player, he's only in the league to add players to his contact list to approach for his "pay" leagues.

*** THE WHINER - This guy is on the commish's back for everything! "The draft wasn't fair". "That trade wasn't fair". "They screwed up my stats!", etc. If he would just click on "Help" on the league home page he might be able to figure out things for himself and spare the commish an ulcer.

*** THE TAUNTER - Full of trash talk on the message board. Dishes out a steady dose of smack talk but his poor showing in the standings don't back it up.

So- are any of these types in your leagues?


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