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Daily fantasy hockey is an increasingly popular sports game where players compete against others by assembling a lineup while keeping under a salary cap. Entrant's get points based on the actual performance of the real players.

Stacking is a strategy in daily fantasy hockey where entrants acquire players from the same line or power play unit. The idea is that this will produce goals plus assists (fantasy points) through the production of the "stacked" players.

Before their early playoff exit, the 2020-21 Edmonton Oilers were an impressive team to stack from during the regular season.

Oilers Stars Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl form the core of a good "stack". Both excelled in skater categories at FanDuel, a major site for fantasy sports where goals are worth 12 points, assists are 8 points and shots on goal are worth 1.6 points.

McDavid was second in the NHL in goals with 33, first in assists with 72 and fourth in shots on goal with 200. He led the league in points with 105.

Draisaitl placed fourth in goals with 31, was second in assists with 53 and 18th in shots in goal with 168. He placed second in points with 84.

A tribute to his consistency, McDavid scored at least one point in 45 of 56 games and had 33 multipoint games, including 18 with at least three points.

McDavid and Draisaitl often play on the same line and are on the power play together, which make them great components when forming a "stack".

In order to afford higher-priced players like McDavid and Draisaitl fantasy hockey players must look for cheaper-priced players who play with them. Enter Jesse Puljujarvi. The Oiler right winger often played on the Oilers top line and power play. He had a respectable 15 goals and 10 assists in the 2020-21 season. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, who played on the first powerplay unit might have been another consideration but he is higher-priced in fantasy hockey than Puljujarvi.

With the Oiler "stack" now consisting of McDavid, Draisaitl and Puljujarvi, it's time to complete it with a defenseman. (Maximum four players from one team allowed at FanDuel)

Tyson Barrie gets the nod. He's a bit high-priced so you might have to skimp a little in filling out the non-Oilers portion of your roster. He had 8 goals and 40 assists in the regular season and played on the top power play unit. Darnell Nurse (16 goals,20 assists) also got consideration but he played on the second power play unit.

There are some other FanDuel scoring categories but they do not factor in putting together an Oiler "stack". At FanDuel 2 points are awarded for shorthanded points, 0.5 points for power play points and 1.6 points for blocked shots. Defenseman Adam Larson (now with Seattle) was second in the league in blocked shots with 128, but had only 10 scoring points.

When the 2021-2022 Edmonton Oilers hit the ice, daily fantasy hockey players should again be able to assemble a formidable lineup with McDavid, Draisaitl, a modestly-priced forward who often plays with them- Puljujarvi- or maybe Kailer Yamomoto. Barrie or Nurse would be the defense part of the stack.